And Speaking of Books…Same Family, Different Colors is Almost Here!

Hello Meltingpot Readers,

Remember way back in May 2014, when I announced that I’d gotten a new book deal and I would be writing a book about skin color politics in diverse communities? Well Ms. Meltingpot has been chugging along and things are moving so quickly, I can hardly believe it.

Introducing, Same Family, Different Colors!
Introducing, Same Family, Different Colors!
The book is now officially titled, Same Family, Different Colors: Confronting Colorism in American’s Diverse Families. Beacon Press will be releasing the book on October 4, 2016. And, guess what? The cover has just been finalized and you can already pre-order the book.

And to think this book started as a passion project that I almost walked away from because I didn’t think anybody else – except you, my faithful Meltingpot readers – cared about identity politics, parenting and skin color. I’m so glad I followed my heart and the advice of my awesome writer’s group members and made this book a reality. I really think it’s going to start a lot of conversations about color bias and colorism. At least I hope it does.

I’d be eager to hear what you all think a conversation about colorism should entail? And who should be at the table talking? You know I’m listening and taking notes. Go!


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