Yo, Is That Colorist?: Australian Newscaster Praises Light Skin Twin

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Lucy and Maria, more than just colors.
Lucy and Maria, more than just colors.
I think you all know I’m working on a book called Same Family, Different Colors where I’m looking at skin color variations in nuclear families and how those skin color differences affect family dynamics. Often times I’m hearing stories about minute variations between brown and browner, but every now and again there are extreme skin color differences that are impossible to ignore, both inside and outside the home.

Recently, a set of twins in the UK have made headlines because one twin has brown skin, brown curly hair and for all intents and purposes presents as Black. Her twin sister, on the other hand, is very pale with red hair and presents as White. While it is never okay to make anyone feel like a circus side show, it would be naive to suggest that the way the DNA was at play in these two girls is anything less than amazing. And as such, they’ve been in the news a lot lately, not to mention all over Facebook and other forms of social media.

Most recently however, they appeared on an Australian news program and the host made what seemed to be a remark that implied that the lighter twin was the lucky one. You can watch the video clip here and read more about the ensuing outrage.

What do you think dear readers? Was news host Samantha Armytage out of line? Was she being racist or colorist? Maybe she’s just stupid and insensitive? Or perhaps all of the above? Will we ever know? Do we even care? What I care about is that sisters, Maria and Lucy, get out of the spotlight and go on and live their lives in peace. Of course, I’d also like to talk to their parents for my book. I’m sure they have many stories to tell. But of course, I’ll be good and leave them alone. Funny thing is, the UK is chock full of Black/White twins so there’s probably somebody who’d like to talk to me. And more than likely, another set of twins will be born there soon enough supplanting Maria and Lucy’s fame, allowing them to happily become yesterday’s news.


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One Thought to “Yo, Is That Colorist?: Australian Newscaster Praises Light Skin Twin”

  1. Samantha Armytage was obviously out of line and her behavior was undoubtedly an act of racism/white supremacy. She proved that she is a racist/white supremacist. She’s not stupid, she knew exactly what she was doing — no excuses.

    Lucy, the “white” sister, also clearly expressed her support and agreement with Samantha Armytage’s act of racism and was very opposed to an apology from Samantha Armytage. Lucy strongly identifies as and functions as “white” and proved that she is also a willing, dedicated, active racist/white supremacist. Lucy should be called out and also recognized as a racist.


    What do you think?

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