A Multicultural Version of Frozen: Kinda Sorta in a Song

Alex Boye and Lexi Walker get Frozen, with an African twist.
Alex Boyé and Lexi Walker get Frozen, with an African twist.
Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Do you have a small female in your household who is obsessed with the song “Let It Go,” tends to run around the house with a blanket draped around her shoulders like a cape, and bangs on closed doors screaming, “Elsa, Elsa, let me out?” I do. And it’s quite comical bordering on annoying, especially since my small female has never even seen the movie Frozen in its entirety. She thought it was too scary. But boy does she dig that song. And apparently at preschool, there is a pint-sized Frozen scholar who fills babygirl in on all that she’s missed by not actually viewing the film.

Needless to say, when el esposo‘s sister posted this video on Facebook the other day, I was thrilled and slightly confused by this African, world music, Frozen mash-up. But the Ms. Meltingpot in me was intrigued. Have you seen this?

So, as it turns out, talk about a Meltingpot story, the man behind that music mash-up is Alex Boyé, a British man of Nigerian descent who became a Mormon and now uses his music to spread the gospel and introduce the world to African music. Talk about a meltingpot mission. You can read about Boyé’s interesting life here and hear more of his music here.

You’re welcome.


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2 Thoughts to “A Multicultural Version of Frozen: Kinda Sorta in a Song”

  1. Olivia

    Fascinating stuff. How did your daughter react to it? Given my own toddler’s very specific idea about how certain things should be I’m wondering if she’ll accept the differences in the song (admission: we often completely mash up the words to her annoyance, but really how can you not rhyme “care” and “underwear”?).
    I can already tell she’ll love the Elsa costume though.

    1. Ms. Meltingpot

      Love. Love. Love. My daughter loved it. Underwear. Ha Ha. That’s always popular in my house of boys.

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