Death in the World of Curls: RIP Titi Branch

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Miko (L) and Titi (R) Branch make curls look good.
Miko (L) and Titi (R) Branch make curls look good.
Many of you know that in my other life, I am obsessed with Black hair. I’ve written books, articles and essays about the Black hair experience in the United States. Many times I write about the business angle of Black hair because it is such a lucrative industry with some truly exceptional characters. One company I’ve been following for years is Miss Jessie’s, the makers of delicious-sounding hair products like Curly Pudding and Baby Buttercreme. I loved the two sisters behind the brand, Miko and Titi Branch, because they were turning their meltingpot upbringing into a positive force for change. The daughters of Black and Japanese parents, they always had trouble finding products for their hair growing up, so they created their own and international domination ensued. Well not exactly, but their popularity and products truly touched kinky, curly girls all over the world.

Well, I just found out that Titi Branch, has died. She was 45 years old. The reports are all over the internets and the newspapers. I wrote about her passing on HairStoryOnline. Feel free to check out the details over there. And feel free to tell me if any of you have a favorite Miss Jessie’s product? I’m listening.

Rest in Peace, Titi Cree Branch.


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One Thought to “Death in the World of Curls: RIP Titi Branch”

  1. AN

    I nearly cried yesterday when I learned of Titi’s death. Last month I was recalling the visits that my sister and I made at Curve salon over 7 years ago. Because of the Branch siters my sister and I were introduced into a world of natural hair care that was and is fueled by black women.

    It saddens me so much to hear that this beautiful black woman took her life. When I met her she was so nice, beautiful and welcoming. My mother and sister felt the same way about her.

    I remember the time when the sisters took a break from the salon and there so many rumors going around. Now I know why the sisters took a break.

    It’s so unfortunate we truly lost a talented beautiful woman that has contributed so much to natural black hair care. It’s so unfortunate.

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