The “PeanutizeMe” Game Works for Families with Different Colors

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

That's me as a Peanuts character. Don't you love my hair!
That’s me as a Peanuts character. Don’t you love my hair!
Because you need something else to procrastinate with online, I offer up the opportunity to turn yourself into a Peanuts character. Yes, this is just some slick promotion for the upcoming Peanuts movie, hitting theaters on November 6, but I’m willing to overlook the obvious publicity play. Why? Because it’s so fun AND because whoever works in the marketing department over there at Peanuts headquarters understands that both Peanuts and people come in different skin colors and have different hair textures. It sounds so simple, but it makes such an impression when somebody in Hollywood pays attention to the fact that Black and brown people want to play too. And that it’s not that hard to be inclusive. Way to go Peanuts movie people! Not only do I now want to go see the movie, my three kids do too. Score!

P.S. Peanuts People, thanks for including the dredlocks!

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