Colorism By Another Name is “Shadeism:” A Movie Coming Soon To A Film Festival Near You

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The Conference on Colorism
The Conference on Colorism
Not a lot of time to write today, but I still wanted to share. Last week I had the opportunity to attend an amazing conference on colorism. It was held at Washington University in St. Louis and featured an amazing gathering of scholars from around the world who all research and/or advocate against colorism. I learned a lot.

The last agenda on the conference schedule was the screening of a film by a young Canadian filmmaker named Nayani Thiyagaraja, who produced a documentary about colorism amongst her own friends – a diverse group of ethnic Canadian young women. Originally a short she posted on YouTube, the film has been expanded into a full-length documentary that will soon be screening at a variety of film festivals. The movie is called Shadeism: Digging Deeper. You can watch the original short below. And stay tuned to the website for updates on the full documentary.

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  1. Jane Moore

    It’s good this is being talked about. It is sad to see but still I am glad to see that other people in addition to black Americans struggle with this problem. Perhaps in the future that little girl and other little and big brown, black and yellow girls and women will recognize their beauty.

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