Mixie Music Monday: Introducing Seinabo Sey

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

My new music crush, Seinabo Sey.
My new music crush, Seinabo Sey.
Some things in my life are just constant. For reasons that must have something to do with the moon I was born under or the arrangement of the stars when I pulled in my first breath, I am drawn to the mixing of cultures.

So, I was in my car listening to NPR on Friday and caught the very tail end of an interview with a singer. I only heard 30 seconds of her voice but I immediately fell in love. Like instantly. But I didn’t catch her name, only that she was Swedish and had performed at SWSX. As soon I made it home I did a quick Google search with the tiny pieces of information I gleaned from the radio interview and soon met Seinabo Sey on the Internet. Based on what I just said before about being drawn to the Mixies of the world, I could only laugh when I discovered that Ms. Sey has a Swedish mother and a father from The Gambia. She writes her lyrics only in English because she never felt at home growing up in Sweden. Maybe this is why I am drawn to Mixies.

Anywho, if you’ve never heard of Seinabo Sey, I’m sure you will soon because she has a powerful voice and a unique story. You can tell everybody that you heard about her here on the Meltingpot first. Enjoy!

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