Breakfast, Kids and International Flavors

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Pancakes, they're not on the menu.
Pancakes, they’re not on the menu.
If you could sum up Ms. Meltingpot’s favorite things in the world, children, breakfast foods and international travel would probably make the top-ten list. Well, the New York Times combined these three things in stupendous photo essay this week called, “What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast” in their Sunday magazine. I’ve reread it several times, shared it with my own crumb snatchers, and then checked out the online version which offers a few more photos than the print magazine. Besides providing a glimpse into other cultures and showcasing adorable kids, the essay proved to me that what I feed my kids fits in nicely with what the rest of the world deems appropriate. In other words, everything — from chocolate sprinkles to fermented bean sprouts — is potential kid fare and as parents we should not judge. To each his own and bon appetit!

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