White Moms Sue Because They Got a Black Baby…

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Warning, contents may be Black!
Warning, contents may be Black!
Have you heard about this lawsuit? A White lesbian couple is suing the sperm bank they used to find a baby daddy for their now two-year-old daughter. The problem? The two blonde mommies wanted a White father for their child and the sperm bank screwed up and sent them some Black sperm. So, now they have a Black /biracial child and they have to raise her in their bigoted small town they call home and take her long distances to get a decent hair cut and worry about a life for her that will be filled with racists and bigotry.

Here’s a story from ABC news that provides all the details.

I don’t have anything new to say about this insanity, except I hope the poor child finds a good lawyer once she’s an adult so she can sue her parents for being stupid.

I’d like to hear other people’s opinion on this one. I can sympathize with these women who must have been shocked and perhaps even fearful about the prospect of having a child that would be different racially from them. But then I thought, everybody who rolls the dice in child rearing is taking a huge risk and we never know what we’re going to get. White people have given birth to Black babies naturally (see Sandra Laing). Healthy women give birth to babies with severe mental or physical disabilities all the time. What did these women really expect when they decided to create a life with an anonymous sperm donor who they only knew as a number on a test-tube?

Thoughts, dear readers? I’m so listening.


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2 Thoughts to “White Moms Sue Because They Got a Black Baby…”

  1. AN

    Sounds like their town isn’t the only ones that are bigoted. A) They clearly don’t want a black child. B) I pray that God will be with the little black girl and protect her from the evil that she’ll endure. C) This situation is not a misfortune but a blessing – two women having a donor to help them have a baby. But they take the ugly route. D) SMDH

    1. Ms. Meltingpot

      I’m SMH with you. Really, I just feel badly for that poor child.

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