Ms. Meltingpot is Going to London!

Ms. Meltingpot is on her way to London!
Ms. Meltingpot is on her way to London!
Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Guess what? I got the job! No, I’m not leaving my Temple gig. I applied to be the advisor for our London summer program and I just found out I got the job. Summer 2014 the Kinky Gazpacho family will be eating fish & chips, riding the tube and generally having a jolly good time getting to know the city of London.

The course I will be teaching is all about London’s diverse multicultural communities. There’s going to be a lot of touring around trying to show our students who really is a ‘real’ Londoner. Did you know London is no longer a majority White city? So, I would be so thankful if any of you have suggestions about neighborhoods, off the beaten path restaurants, museums, cultural centers etc that showcase some of London’s ethnic diversity, please share. Really, don’t be shy.

As always, I’m listening. And I’m so excited!

Peace Cheerio!

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7 Thoughts to “Ms. Meltingpot is Going to London!”

  1. Jane


  2. Cyretha


    Congratuations!!! This is very good news. I hope it will be a very good experience for all, family and students. Recently, I read these two articles and may be they will be of use to you as you prepare your dossier. and The idea that people are even asking the question is a year abroad a wasted year is ridiculous to me. I am sure we shall have more to discuss about your upcoming trip in the months ahead. I hope this will be one those experiences that is described by the expression “the time of my life”.

  3. alli

    Congrats. Be sure you go to paris while there only a few hours on train i hear

  4. Susan

    Oh so exciting! It is my lifelong dream to visit London and the UK. Kind of the same way you felt about Spain! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    1. Ms. Meltingpot

      Hi Susan,
      I’m excited too. Hopefully you’ll get your chance soon. BTW, what draws you to London?

  5. AN

    Wow! How exciting. Congratulations.

    1. Ms. Meltingpot


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