Wednesday Round-Up: New Year, New Blogs that Taste Like the Meltingpot

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Because I live in academia, the advent of fall feels like the beginning of a new year to me. It’s where the reset button gets hit and we start all over again. I get a new crop of students, new classes and new writing projects to work on. My kids are starting new grades; I’ll have a 7th grader, a 4th grader and a full-day day care/preschooler for the first time. So, with all of this starting over, I’m feeling like I need to freshen up the Meltingpot too. I’m thinking about changing the layout, the colors and adding some new elements too. I also want to update my tasty meltingpot links over there on the side. And that’s where I’d like your help. What websites and/or blogs do you visit on the regular that you think Ms. Meltingpot and her readers would enjoy? Please share your thoughts and ideas and if I do like them, I’ll add them to my updated list. Here are a couple of sites I’ve recently discovered that I think are just delicious.

1. The new and improved Denene Millner always has something relevant to say about parenting and pop culture, and she does it in a way that always has me nodding my head in agreement. Now, with her updated look, the site is even more of a pleasure to visit. And note, you don’t have to have a brown baby to visit.

mamiverse2. Mamiverse. I’m not Latina, but I kind of feel like I should know how to raise little Latino children considering my kids are Black and Spanish, which pretty much = Latino. Mamiverse is a beautifully presented lifestyle website with Spanish and English content for Latina moms or people who sometimes pretend to be Latina moms. Like me 🙂

3. HairStoryOnline. Yes, that’s my new, all-things Black hair blog, but I’m not  the only contributor. Seriously, if you want to know how Black hair and pop culture intersect on a daily and global basis, come check us out. There’s always something happening in the world of Black hair and of course, all textures are welcome.

4. NPR’s CodeSwitch. CodeSwitch’s tagline is ‘frontiers of race, culture and ethnicity,’ so you know Ms. Meltingpot is all over this blog. The stories the CodeSwitch team produces appear online and on the radio and they keep people thinking about race and such all over social media. These are some super smart people from very diverse backgrounds creating really quality content about topics mainstream news outlets often overlook.

Okay, people. Now it’s your turn. What websites should I add to my list for the new year? You know I’m listening.

And don’t forget, you still have one more day to enter to win a pair of tickets to see Romeo & Juliet –the interracial version – on Broadway. Leave your comments on Monday’s post to enter.


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