“The Intouchables:” A French Feel Good Movie in Black and White

movieHi Meltingpot Readers,

Last night I stayed up way past my bedtime because I had to watch The Intouchables. I actually paid money to rent a movie instead of my usual library loan system. But boy am I glad I did. The Intouchables is truly one of those films that makes you want to embrace life, celebrate the beauty in your fellow man and maybe try your hand at sky diving. Seriously. And to top it all off, it’s in French. Everything, even cheesy movies, sounds better in French. I’m not saying the movie is cheesy, but given the subject matter, it could have easily fallen into the cheesy genre. But it most certainly did not. Even el esposo liked it.

The Intouchables is the story of an unlikely friendship between an insanely wealthy white French man who is paralyzed from the neck down and the African immigrant he hires to be his caregiver against the advice of his family and friends. I won’t say more, except that you should run not walk down to your local video store and grab a copy. The best part is, the movie is based on a true story. Even more reason that after you see it, you want to make sure you’re really living this life, every single second of it. Here’s a peek at the preview.


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4 Thoughts to ““The Intouchables:” A French Feel Good Movie in Black and White”

  1. Soy yo

    Oh my dh was watching that and I caught the end, maybe the last half hour or so? I think he has it on his USB, I should watch it. That trailer made me want to see the whole thing.

    1. Ms. Meltingpot

      Soy Yo,
      It’s worth it. Let me know what you think.

  2. Cyretha

    Yes, I have this movie and look forward to watching it again.
    BTW, acabo de regresar de Mallorca y La España quiere saber cuando tu vuelves?

    1. Ms. Meltingpot


      Pronto. Espero!

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