My New (Hair) Muse

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

So, I turned 40 this year. I also have a daughter now, after being the only one on #TeamGirl in the Kinky Gazpacho household for the last decade. And though I hate to admit it, these factors have made me suddenly care about my ‘look.’ No, I’m not looking for a radical change, I just think it’s time to put a tiny bit of effort in my appearance. You know, before I just get too old to care, or worse, before my daughter looks at me and says I cannot comment on her wardrobe when mine is such a hot mess.

I’m not a hot mess, but dear readers, believe me when I tell you that I am right now wearing a pair of jeans that I used to wear in college. They have holes in embarrassing places, but I like them because they are comfy. I have already started to put a little thought into my work wardrobe this year. I’m working with blazers, funky t-shirts, and ethnic chic accessories. But now it’s about the hair.

I truly believe hair is a woman’s ultimate adornment. It can say so much. Right now, my hair says, “I need help.”  It’s true. My hair is in locs right now. But they’re neither long nor short. I don’t do a whole lot to style them, save a ponytail every now and again to get them out of my face. And you know the worst part, I’ve started to get gray hair. So, I’m wearing a teenage hair-do with tufts of gray ruining my game. So wrong. I couldn’t decide if I should cut my locs off or let them grow magnificently long. I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe in these matters so I realized I needed a hair role model. Someone to post up on my wall and covet their style. And I found one. It’s none other than our First Lady. No, not Michele Obama, the First Lady of Philadelphia, Lisa Nutter.

Lisa Nutter, First Lady of Philadelphia


Not only does she have gorgeously long locs, but they also feature a hint of copper color. And I’m not sure exactly how old Lisa Nutter is, but she is truly an inspiration in physical beauty as well as in her work as First Lady and as an education advocate. Now if I can just find out who her stylist is here in Philly, I will be one happy — and hopefully well-coiffed — camper.

Thanks for listening and please go back to more important things than my hair. Of course, if you want to tell me about your own radical style changes prompted by new children, a new decade or bad PMS, I’m totally listening.


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