• Product Reviews

Ms. Meltingpot is always on the lookout for multicultural products, books, toys, games and food stuffs to feature on the Meltingpot. If you think our readers would be interested in your products, please fill out the form below with ‘Product Review’ in the subject field. If we like it, we’ll write about it. If we don’t like it, we just won’t feature it. No feelings hurt on the Meltingpot.

• Movie +TV + Theater Reviews

Ms. Meltingpot loves drama. And comedy. Kid shows are popular around here too. If you want us to spread the word about your upcoming production that has a meltingpot taste to it, let us know in advance, or send us some tickets so we can see for ourselves. And Meltingpot readers love giveaways! Once again, fill out the form below with the name of your production or something equally enticing in the subject field.

• Publicity and Advertising

Ms. Meltingpot is very amenable to advertising and promotional programs as long as they make sense with our meltingpot mission. Our Media Kit is coming soon. But feel free to send inquiries in the meantime.

And you can always just send me any general comments or inquiries using the contact form below. I promise to respond.


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