Welcome to My American Meltingpot.

If you’re one of those people who thinks a lot about culture and color, who believes race is an ignorant construct, and appreciates fusion everything, then you’re in the right place. If you used to hang Benetton ads in your high school locker, would stand in line for a Korean taco, and think Josephine Baker’s life story should have been a Broadway musical yesterday, then you have found your place on the Internet. Please note however, we are not the cyber host for post-racial supporters of the colorblind, nor do we negate a person’s right to choose… their own identity. No, we appreciate differences and revel in contrasting colors. Culture clashes and cross-pollination is what makes life interesting. And for the record, we knew that Black Lives Mattered way before the hashtag.

My American Meltingpot is written and edited by me, Lori L. Tharps, author, professor, journalist and mom. I actually started the Meltingpot back in 2006 and  you can actually go back to the original site and read all my old posts. Or you can just start fresh with us right here.  In general, these are the topics we like to savor. (Please note, I keep using the royal ‘we’ but, seriously, it’s just me writing here.)

Books. I love books. I write books. I used to be a book reviewer at Entertainment Weekly magazine. I am partial to stories with diverse characters and I am sucker for a good love story. I also have a weak spot for Jamaican authors.

Black Hair. I wrote a really good book about Black hair in 2001, and ever since then, I’ve considered myself a hairstorian. It’s a weird speciality to have, but it is mine and I embrace it fully.

Parenting. I have three kids. I need talk about it sometimes.

Identity Politics. I am always interested in how other people self-identify; Mixed? Authentically Black? Ambiguously Brown? Just White? And then of course how these identity labels impact community, society and self.

Food & Travel. I just love to eat, especially food from other cultures. If I can’t get myself to a foreign country, going to a great restaurant and sampling the flavors of another land comes in as a close second on my pleasure map. I am also pretty damn creative in the kitchen. I love to cook, but I hate using recipes.

Pop Culture, Current Events and the Media. I am a journalist. What can I say?

Sure we might not always agree on everything, but the conversations here are always fresh and juicy. So, grab a spoon, a pair of chopsticks or a spork — if that’s how you roll — and dig into My American Meltingpot!

(P.S. New posts go up Mondays and Fridays. And whenever something Meltingpot specific breaks in the news.)

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