#Black Hair + Books: Hairs, Pelitos by Sandra Cisneros

Hola Meltingpot Readers,

HairsWe’re nearing the end of Black History Month, but I’ve saved this book for (almost) last. Like Monday’s offering, today’s book, Hair’s/Pelitos is a book from a Latina author who knows something about Black hair. Sandra Cisneros is known more for her adult fiction – most notably The House on Mango Street – but this book of hers is my hands down favorite.

My copy is worn and the pages are taped together, but that’s because I’ve read it to all three of my children so many times. The story is lyrically told (in English and Spanish) and is quite simple. We hear about a family who all has different textured hair. No judgement or preference is given for Carlos’ hair which is “thick and straight” or for Kiki’s hair, which is “like fur.” We just celebrate the difference and revel in the fact that this diversity of hair textures is all featured in one nuclear family. It kind of reminds me of a book I’m writing, Same Family, Different Colors. (shameless plug, but it really does.)

Same family, different hair!
Same family, different hair!

I don’t even know if this book is in print anymore, but if you come across a copy, grab it. You won’t be sorry and your kids will love you…and the book.

Peace + Hair Grease!

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