Ms. Meltingpot Has Questions. Do You Have Answers?

Ms. Meltingpot Has Questions!
Ms. Meltingpot Has Questions!
Hello Meltingpot Readers,

From time to time I find myself questioning things in this crazy game we call life and wonder if I’m the only one asking. Maybe it’s because I don’t have cable or because I rely on my children to explain a lot of pop culture references. Or maybe it’s because I prefer print over e-anything and decaffeinated coffee is my drug of choice. In other words, it might just be me who needs answers, but maybe not. Either way, if you can shed some light on my queries below, please let me know.

1. Why does social media make our lives less social?

2. Why isn’t a Snickers bar with almonds called a Mars Bar?

3. Why would you name a food store, Bottom Dollar Food? Exactly who is that supposed to appeal to?

4. Why is Lena Dunham famous?

5. Ditto for Taylor Swift?

6. Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West an interracial couple? And if so, why isn’t that a big deal to the people who care about things like that and shouldn’t they be on an official list or something?

7. Who still eats margarine in the 21st century and why?

8. If White people (and Asian and light-skinned Latinos) believe Black people are inferior, ignorant, unattractive and otherwise undesirable, why do they turn around and copy everything we do?


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