“Black and Blue and Blond:” Meditations on Color and Family

Happy New Year Meltingpot Readers!

I hope all of you are looking towards a productive and positive 2015. I am.

I know I kind of disappeared for the holidays, but in addition to playing Santa Claus and trying to make the season Merry and Bright, el esposo had surgery and is not allowed to walk without crutches for another four weeks. Hello single motherhood! Still, it was a great holiday filled with love and family.

And speaking of family, here’s a really wonderful essay penned by the writer Thomas Chatterton Williams about his coming to terms with his daughter’s pale skin and blue eyes. Yes, Williams is Black. Actually, he’s biracial, but still, he’s Black. So, it’s complicated and colorful and you should read it. And if you really enjoy his work, you might want to tune into The Mixed Experience podcast tomorrow morning at 9:00am hosted by my friend, Heidi Durrow. That’s Heidi Durrow, the woman who founded Mixed Experience History Month and the Mixed Race Film and Literary Festival. Tune in or download it if you can’t catch it live.

I’ll see you here again on Monday when I’ll be sharing my bloggy resolutions for 2015.


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  1. […] “Black and Blue and Blond:” Meditations on Color and Family […]

  2. Thank you for sharing Lori!

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