black•ish is okay•ish: It’s No Cosby Show but I’ll Stick Around to Watch

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Not quite the Cosby Show.
Not quite the Cosby Show.
Thanks to our robust Jewish community in Philadelphia, my kids’ school was closed today, so I allowed them to stay up to watch the premier episode of ABC’s black•ish last night. I have to admit, I too was really excited by all of the promos and advanced praise about the show. I mean really, it sounds like my life story…sort of. At least the part about a Black parent wanting his kids to feel connected to their Black roots, even though he’s raising them in a mostly White world. Honestly, what person of color can’t relate to that fear these days?

Meanwhile, my kids were just excited because finally there’s a sitcom with a family that kind of looks like ours. You know, they want their own Cosby Show. I want them to have one too. But, let’s begin with the fact that it’s airing at 9:30pm on Wednesday nights. Too late ABC for a family show. Can we fix that? And while all of the characters are super cute and nicely dressed and the funny race jokes were funny, it all felt a little too rushed and too silly. I want to laugh, but you gotta give me something to sink my teeth into besides one-liners. My kids felt the same way, and they’re only 10 and 13.

I’m going to keep watching because, like my kids, I’m ready to have a Cosby Show for the 21st century. I want my kids to see their lives reflected on the small screen. But if the writing doesn’t get a little smarter, I’m going to have to turn it off.

Did anybody else watch? What did you think? I’m so listening.


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