Videshi Magazine is Here!

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Hi Meltingpot Readers,

When you get a chance, hop on over to Videshi Magazine. It’s a super cool new online publication that covers South-Asians / South-Asian Americans in the entertainment industry. It looks spectacular, the articles are smart and, come on, it’s about time something like this existed. The best part is, Videshi is the brain-child of one of my former students at Temple, Jennifer Babu. This was a class project that she has turned into a reality!

I am so proud of her. Plus she’s getting noticed outside of the halls of Temple University, where’s she’s only one semester away from graduating. The Philadelphia Business Journal just wrote a story about Ms. Babu and her plans for Videshi. Yay!

Now, I know all of you Meltingpot fans enjoy some diversity in your entertainment news and views, so I urge you to hop on over to Videshi. You won’t be sorry. And feel free to spread the word. I’d love for Videshi to be a great success.


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