Racism Exists in America: This Is Not News!

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Hello Miss America!
Hello Miss America!
Today I wrote a thought piece on the Columbia Journalism Review’s website. I was inspired to write after seeing all of the reporting on the racist tweets about the new Miss America. In case you’re not into beauty pageants, the new Miss America is of Indian descent and when she was crowned back on September 15, some morons on Twitter had some pretty nasty things to say. And of course those nasty tweets made the news. Why? Because they represent the majority of American thought? Or because it would get people talking? You be the judge.

Check out my story if you feel so inclined and let me know what you think. And by the way, I think the new Miss America is lovely.


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6 Thoughts to “Racism Exists in America: This Is Not News!”

  1. AN

    Yes race and racism is a hot topic and for the most part will always be a headliner. For one it still has a big influence on ones life experiences. And unfortunately for blacks we will face a great deal of problems due to the media’s negative images that they consistently keep on blacks. And it is certainly an issue not only here but in the world that people deal with on a daily basis. And it is the reason why sir blacks don’t want to be black and suffer bad self image.

    And it is unfortunate that the new Miss America had to face such hate but as Greg pointed out she should use the position that she finds herself in for the better. And I myself have faced a lot of racism from Indians as well as have had a front row seat on their view on colorism in their own community.

    It is unfortunate that people have this general idea that dark skin is bad and white skin is good but it is reality. And it has a great deal to do with the whites shoving their idea of beauty down everyone’s throats.

    There is no cure all for racism but with information and understanding those who are willing will make a difference in their life and possibly the people they come in contact with. Racism affects everyone but I believe those who suffer from it the most are blacks.

    Almost every other minority has a strong racist attitude towards blacks and of course whites do. And we are the most devalued, underrated, misunderstood group of people on earth. And slavery has had a great deal to do with it. And not to our benefit we help perpetuate this racist attitudes. But look at the vicious cycle. Racism is institutionalized in the world and it is made to keep the white man on top and black man at the bottom.

    So the idea that racist comments being made on social network being headlined in the news without much thought and input is not an error or some none racists design for pure high ratings. It is because the same people who walk the streets and clutch their valuables in front of a black face are the same ones who write news paper articles, reside as judges in courts, write you a prescription, own the stores that you shop in, drive police squad cars that patrol your neighborhood and who are teachers in your child’s school.

    This is reality and it is important to not only acknowledge it but be informed about it. Racism exists and there is no mistake with media’s intentions. They find stories and shape it in a way that keeps certain attitudes alive. “Blacks are violent lazy ugly sex animals. Whites are the definition of purity and perfection which motivates them to help the helpless negro. Asians are smart and the Asian women are gorgeous delicate creatures. Muslims are womanizers who are planning another terrorist attack. Mexicans are hard workers. And everyone some how has Native American in them.” It’s there in the media- some will verbalize it and others will show it through action.

    1. Ms. Meltingpot

      Thank you for joining the conversation. Your points are well taken. I had to laugh though at this line ” And everyone some how has Native American in them.” So true. I’m just doing my part.

  2. Greg Thrasher

    What a bunch of elitist nonsense! I also resent the gratuitous insertion of the Gabby saga….Yes news about racists living in America matter to me and other Black males and my community perhaps not so much for a female asst professor at Temple University….

    Racism reported on any platform matters and despite the myoic and elitist narrative of this author when it is published in a variety of forums/paltforms it often ignites chatter, behavior and for many the seed and beginning of wisdom with regard to the topic…

    The fact that this type of ‘news reporting’ increases hits and creates a ‘whole lot publcity’ is never a problem from my optics as a Black man in America.

    1. Greg Thrasher

      And Yes the new Miss America is lovely..I do hope she has the courage one day to ignite a conversation about the racism in her community towards Black Americans perhaps it will even evolve into a larger discussion about inter-racism between others of color towards Black Americans as we interact with each other in this new post industrial era of America…..

      Greg Thrasher
      Washington DC

    2. Ms. Meltingpot

      I am sorry you disagree with my point of view so strongly, but I appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion. That’s how we learn in this world.

      1. Greg Thrasher


        I do respect your acknowledgment and reply. You are so right about how we learn from others in the world. With regard to this issue I have a lot of passion in part because I am a Black man in America where I encounter daily bouts of ‘negrophobia’ along with the hazards of being a Black person in America 2013.



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