“What’s Better than Being Happy? Being White:” A Tragic Story from South Africa

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Not really Happy

Not really Happy

Yes, today is Wednesday round-up, but I don’t have multiple fresh links though today, just one. It’s a tragic story from South Africa about a mixed-race man/child named Happy who more than anything wanted to be white. As you can imagine, the story doesn’t end well.

The dek for the story from the Guardian newspaper reads:

Happy Sindane became famous in South Africa when he claimed to be a kidnapped white boy. After a DNA test cast doubt on his story, he sank into alcoholic obscurity, until he hit the headlines once again – after his brutal murder.”

Read it and weep. Seriously, you will weep and then you will wonder when will we ever move past this color-coded system of living. When?

I’m writing about it to do my part. My next book is all about color and color bias. What else can we do? I’m listening and taking notes.


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    The devil is a liar. I hate racism.