May Was Mixed Experience History Month: Catch Up!

Hello Meltingpot Readers,

mixiemonthI can’t think of a better antidote to the racist nonsense brought forth by the Cheerios commercial, than a look back at 2013’s Mixed Experience History Month, which just ended. Since 2007, author, Afro-Viking and all around awesome person, Heidi Durrow has dedicated the month of May to celebrate the rich and varied Mixed experience throughout American history. In other words, Durrow is trying to educate folks and make them realize that Americans with a mixed heritage did not begin with Tiger Woods. Writes Durrow on her blog, Light-Skinned-ed-Girl, “I founded this celebration in 2007 with the hope of bringing awareness to the long history of racial and cultural connectedness. I had become frustrated with the idea that my discussions of “mixed-ness” was for a small niche-group and set out to show that the Mixed experience is the American experience–that we’re all part of this larger story.”

Props to Ms. Durrow for continuing this ‘labor of love’ which benefits so many of us. And I for one am always so amazed by the diversity of Mixie folks Durrow finds to profile. And of course, just because May is over doesn’t mean you can’t continue to celebrate the Mixed Experience. Hug a Mixie in your life and then eat some Cheerios!


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7 Thoughts to “May Was Mixed Experience History Month: Catch Up!”

    1. Ms. Meltingpot

      Thanks for visiting the Meltingpot.

  1. Cyretha

    Just after reading your post on Monday, I watched a re-cap of the French Open from Paris. There was an interview with a guy named Redfoo. It seemed they were interviewing him because he is the current boyfriend of Victoria Azarenka from Belarus. The interview went on and on about Victoria’s play at this year’s tournament and his own aspirations as a tennis player. Now, I had never heard of this guy, Redfoo. He had this wild afro and was wearing these huge white glasses. HIs outfit seemed rather typical to me for someone who was a dj. I was not surprised by his English, because now days many non-native speakers don’t have an accent when they speak English. I nearly fell off my chair when the interviewer asked him what is his favorite Motown song. I was thinking, ok, he is a dj, but why on earth did they pick Motown? Well, when the interview concluded and they returned to the studio, the annoucer said Redfroo is Barry Gordy, Jr’s son. Who knew? I certainly didn’t. So Cherrios is just highlighting life in a normal family. Thanks for sharing Heidi’s blog and her idea of “bringing awareness to the long history of racial and cultural connectedness”.

    1. Ms. Meltingpot


      That’s crazy! Thanks for the update. I’m going to look this guy up.

  2. Wendy

    Arugh! I missed “Día de Afrocolombianidad! May 21st!

    I missed it because its rather new to me and I wasn’t reminded by Colombian sources via Facebook as I was the last couple of years.
    However, I did read something not too long ago that more and more “mixed” Colombians are acknowledging their African heritage. This is awesome especially since they’ve white-washed their “mulatto” President!

    1. Wendy

      Ps: Check out my lice suggestions in the other post! 😀 Your fear of lice is understandable because I feel like I’ve spent a week of my life combing hair and washing towels and sheets. I have a huge fear of bedbugs! ARUGH! If I ever got those….!

    2. Ms. Meltingpot

      I missed it too. I’ll make sure to put it on my Meltingpot calendar for next year. And hey, why wait to celebrate. Have a party today.

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