South African Thieves Will Cut…Your Hair!

Hello Meltingpot Readers,

Since we were talking about hair, I had to share this alarming story I read last week. Apparently, the latest wave of crime to hit the streets of South Africa is called a ‘cut and run.’ Thieves are attacking people with dredlocks, chopping them off and then selling them to folks too lazy to grow their own damn hair. Seriously.

According to the article I read at ” Shoulder-length dreadlocks are sold for between 200 rand ($23; £15) and 700 rand, while longer ones cost as much as 2,000 rand.”

These gangs of dredlock thieves are apparently working their trade in Johannesburg and Durban.

This is me and my former set of locs. When I cut them off, I sent them to help soak up the BP Oil spill. Perhaps I should have sent them to South Africa.
This is me and my former set of locs. When I cut them off, I sent them to help soak up the BP Oil spill. Perhaps I should have sent them to South Africa.

Can I just say, that besides the obvious fact that any type of violent robbery and assault is completely abhorrent and wrong, this is just kind of gross. As a proud dredlock wearer myself, I can honestly say you wouldn’t want to reuse my hair. I’m not saying it’s dirty, because I wash my hair regularly, but locks hold on to fuzz and sweat and other things more so than unlocked hair. And not everyone washes their locks on a regular basis. I think wearing somebody else’s locks would be like wearing somebody else’s underwear. Just kind of nasty. Besides, locks are very personal and unique. They’re not meant to be shared. Locks are non-transferrable.

So, while I’m totally holding these thieves responsible for their illegal and ridiculous acts, I’m also wondering who is doing the buying. Shame on everyone involved. And remind me if I ever make it to South Africa, to wear a wig.

What do you make of this story, dear readers? Is this scary or just shameful? I’m listening.

Peace and Hair Grease!


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5 Thoughts to “South African Thieves Will Cut…Your Hair!”

  1. Susan:)

    I’ve donated hair to Locks of Love, which makes wigs for children who have hair loss due to cancer or other problems. But I chose to cut it and of course it was freshly washed. I agree that someone cutting and running is plain wrong and a violation. Especially if the person has a spiritual connection to their hair. Either way though, it is wrong. And who would want to buy it?

  2. Cyretha

    Hi L.T.,

    I heard about this story too. I guess after people in India are shaving their hair and selling it, someone in South Africa came up with this idea. It is a rather violent act, I would say. Now if a person volunteers to sell their locks well that is another story; not necissarily one that I am advocating.

    I have never been one to want to wear anyone else’s hair, wigs included. The idea of spending hours in a salon and not to mention the money to put someone else’s hair on my head just abhors me.

    I am with you on this one. It is like wearing someone else’s underwear cleaned or not.

    1. Ms. Meltingpot

      I’m glad you feel me on this. Plus, I think growing locks is kind of spiritual. You can’t steal that from someone else.

    1. Ms. Meltingpot

      Sad. Sad. Sad. Who knew hair would be such a commodity?

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