Wednesday Round-Up: Black History Month Edition

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Clearly I’m not the only one trying to inject some innovation into the Black History Month ‘celebrations.’ So, I figured I’d link to some creative posts that take celebrating the contributions of Black people beyond the redundant and expected. Enjoy.

1. Over at The Eloquent Woman, a website meant to empower female public speakers, they’ve created a list of 14 Famous African-Women Speeches from Sojourner Truth to Michelle Obama. Inspirational and educational, it’s worth a look.

2. So every day is a reason to celebrate Black history over at They always have a “this day in Black history” nugget at the top of the page and a beautiful iconic Black History Photo of the Day that gets refreshed, well, every day. Clearly Ebony gets it. “It” being that we don’t need to wait until February to celebrate the fact that Black people are awesome.

3. Finally, although this blogger isn’t doing anything special for Black History Month, she’s doing an amazing job celebrating Afro-Latinos in general and offers a dazzling array of articles, interviews, photos and videos. The fact that the editor and founder of the blog is a Black American, kind of makes this an interesting Black history moment. Don’t you think?

Even if you’re not interested in a daily dose of Blackness, all three of these sites have something interesting to offer. I’m curious if you’ve found any other blogs or websites who are doing something different for Black History Month. Don’t keep it to yourself. Share.

I’m listening.


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