On Blizzards and Birthdays

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

This weekend two big events are occurring, the winter storm of the century and my birthday. Sadly, the snow storm is getting more attention. I don’t mean to suggest that the entire eastern seaboard ought to be thinking about me on February 10, instead of whether or not they can tunnel out from under 36 inches of snow, but still, a girl kind of hopes that any semblance of a celebration in her honor wouldn’t get dashed by Mother Nature.

Seriously though, I’ve never been a big birthday party girl, but I do like my day to be special. Because el esposo is embroiled in studying for his exams, the storm of the century is probably going to shut down the entire city, and because my older son woke up this morning with the telltale “Mom, my throat is sore,” I’m not thinking this year will be the year that I go big for the birthday.

Instead, I’ll probably unplug from all devices, stay in my jammies as long as possible, watch silly movies with my kids all day and give myself permission to take a nap with babygirl. If the city streets are clear by Sunday night, my cousin has promised to watch all three kids and el esposo has promised to peel himself away from his books long enough to take me to my favorite ramen noodle house, followed by a stop at the Chinese bakery for egg custard. Yum! I’m cheap and easy. But I’ve learned the hard way, that by keeping my expectations low for birthdays, it will take a lot more than a blizzard to ruin my fun.

What about you, dear readers? What’s a perfect birthday look like for you? Do you want the big celebration? Or is a day to yourself more of a treat?

I’m listening. (and humming “Happy Birthday to me…)


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  1. Wendy

    Feliz Cumpleaños

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