Kimchi and Cheddar: Korean Food Gets Cheesy

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Here’s something for my fusion foodie friends. Yesterday I was working hard at my office at Temple University and I didn’t want to venture far to grab a bite for lunch. As luck would have it, there’s a brand new food truck parked right outside my building called Wingo Taco. I guessed Mexican, but I was wrong. Better said, I wasn’t all the way right.

A Korean-Mexican marriage of flavors. So Yummy!
A Korean-Mexican marriage of flavors. So Yummy!

Dear readers, you know I was doing a meltingpot jig in the street when I found out that Wingo Taco is serving up Korean tacos, burritos, hoaxes and wings. It’s a fusion masterpiece. Yesterday I sampled a ‘burrito bowl’ with Korean-spiced pulled pork, kimchi, rice, seaweed salad, cilantro and cheddar cheese. Yes, cheese! I hesitated when I saw the cheese on the menu, but the owner assured me that the cheese brought the whole dish together. Now dear readers, I’m from Wisconsin. I love cheese, but mingled with a Korean palate? I was skeptical. But I was game. And guess what? It was delicious. The whole dish was quite spicy, but the grated white cheddar created a smooth and cooling element. The proprietor of Wingo Taco, himself a Korean chef, told me that Koreans historically haven’t used cheese in their cuisine because they never had cattle, but these day they do and cheese is showing up everywhere in the local cuisine. Interesting, right? Anybody been to Korea lately and want to verify?

So, my big challenge now, dear readers, is not to walk out the door every day at work and indulge at Wingo Taco. Ms. Meltingpot must be good.

What’s your favorite fusion food? Or favorite food truck offering? Food trucks are big here in Philly these days.

I’m listening.


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