My Name is Not Florence Nightingale

My at-home remedies. Fingers crossed they work.

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

I think the Kinky Gazpacho family is cursed. It seems that every year around this time — yes, right before the holidays — we get sick. And when I say ‘we’ I mean the whole entire Kinky Gazpacho clan. And we were doing so well this year. *sigh*

But yesterday, right on schedule, my second son came home with a sore throat. He rarely complains about feeling bad, so I pretty much knew what was coming. Sure enough, this morning he had a fever of 103, a headache and that sore throat was still there. Now, here’s how I see this playing out. I will play Florence Nightingale. My son will recover. Then the older one will get sick, because they share a room. Then god forbid, the baby will get it, followed by el esposo and then the last one standing, me, will lose the battle just in time for Christmas. I’m not trying to jinx myself, I just know the pattern in this house and I’d like to prepare for it. I don’t know if I should try to fight with my can of Lysol at the ready and a bucket of bleach, or simply cancel all of our holiday plans and wait for the inevitable. Did I *sigh* already?

Dear readers, I’ve been gobbling Echinacea, olive leaf extract and vitamin C like nobody’s business, hoping to keep the baby and I safe from infection. (She’s still breast feeding.) I’ll be cooking up a big pot of garlicky¬†chicken soup tonight. Short of abandoning ship, what else can I do to stop the spread of this particular plague? I’ll take any and all suggestions.

I’m so listening.

P.S. I know it’s Round-Up Wednesday, but I didn’t have time to find fresh new links today. But I encourage you to check out my new blog roll over there to the right and visit some of my favorite online destinations. And by all means, send me any websites or blogs you think I should be reading, to add to my list.



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