My ‘Black Friday’ at the Movies: Rise of the Guardians

Hello Meltingpot Readers,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I sure did. We hosted 14 people for dinner and everything turned out great. The food was delicious. We went all out and put tablecloths on the tables and my kids entertained everyone between dinner and dessert by playing their instruments (guitar and flute). My fish turned out really well, but I have to confess one thing. I chickened out on the flan. I made a gluten-free, banana pudding instead. It was delicious. But I will learn how to make that flan. Oh yes, I will!

 So, since today was Black Friday, of course I got up at 4a.m. and headed to the nearest mall. NOT! Dear readers, I am so disgusted by the black Friday consumption craze. It just makes no sense. But since I’m not the type to throw away an opportunity to embrace anything ‘Black,’ I took my boys to see Rise of the Guardians. It was directed by Peter Ramsey, the “Obama of Animation.” It was my way to ‘buy Black’ on black Friday.

Seriously, I took them because I love a good movie that features a bad-ass version of the Easter Bunny, but I also recently discovered that Ramsey was the director and wanted to support his effort. And I’m happy to report that I LOVED the movie. It was like a super hero-fairy tale-animated modern-day Greek Myth-y type of film. It really made me think about hope and fears and magic. My kids liked it too. Even the lady I was standing next to in the long line in the bathroom after the film enjoyed it.

FYI, there’s nothing Black or multicultural about the film itself — except that Santa spits out some Russian words here and there — but it still earns two thumbs up from Ms. Meltingpot. Has anybody else seen Rise of the Guardians? What did you think? Has anybody read the books it was based on? They sound great. I’m going to try to find them at the library next week.

Have a great weekend!


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