Nothing Says ‘Spanish Thanksgiving’ Like Pumpkin Flan!

Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin Flan. Will Mine Look This Good?

Hola Meltingpot Readers,

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Thanksgiving. I mean what’s not to like? It’s all about food and family, two of my favorite things in life. And ever since we moved to Philadelphia, Ms. Meltingpot always hosts the family feast. That doesn’t mean I cook the whole entire meal, but for the last five years, I’ve made the turkey. My cousin is a trained chef, and between the two of us, we create Thanksgiving dinner.

Every year we try to introduce a new dish. This year I’m going to try to make the sausage and three-pepper stuffing that was featured in last week’s New York Times magazine. And my cousin is making the turkey, so I’m going to grill a giant fish. I think. I’m a little freaked out about it, but I already promised and made a big deal about it, so I’m forging ahead with that. Wish me luck. Another tradition we have is that everyone has to make something for the feast. My boys will be making cranberry sauce. El esposo is working with me on the fish and will probably make his homemade mayonnaise (it’s a Spanish thing, to eat fish with mayo.) And then even though my cousin is baking pies and cakes, I wanted to create a naturally gluten-free dessert that had both Spanish and American qualities. My older son suggested flan, and then I thought, how about a pumpkin flan. Genius! I hurried home and found quite a few recipes for pumpkin flan, so I know I’m not crazy for thinking of it. Believe it or not, Martha Stewart’s recipe looks like the easiest out of all the recipes I came across, so that might be the one I use.

Dear readers, are any of you flan experts? Because truth be told, I’ve never made one and I’m worried about the caramel sauce and the baking in a bath of water. I’ve never baked anything in a bath. Send me your best recipes or suggestions on how to make the perfect flan and I’ll love you forever. And send me your holiday menus and make me drool, especially if you go a little meltingpot for your Thanksgiving festivities. I’m so totally listening.


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3 Thoughts to “Nothing Says ‘Spanish Thanksgiving’ Like Pumpkin Flan!”

  1. Wendy

    My neighbor and is from Mexico and has promised to teach me how to make flan! The “baño de Maria” has me all kinds of amazed. (I was at a loss to try to translate that to English!) I won’t be having the lesson until mid December as its “END OF SEMESTER, WORK OVERLOAD” time now. But we have a week between the finishing of my semester and when our kids our out of school for the Holidays. I’ll be sure to tell you how my first flan turns out!

  2. Cyretha


    Your Thanksgiving menu sounds delicious. It has been about 16 years since I last had a real Thanksgiving. Living on the other side of the pond means, no dayoff. We can find all of the ingredients, but there simply is not enough time to prepare such a meal on the day itself.

    Sorry can’t help you with the flan. Whenever I made it, I used a box. LOL!!! Glad you have found away to bring some Spanish cuisine into your meal.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    1. Ms. Meltingpot

      Thank you! And maybe a box isn’t such a bad idea. I won’t tell if you don’t. 🙂

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