“Gangnam Style” Deconstructed

PSY does it Gangnam Style with his ‘sexy ladies.’

Meltingpot Readers, have you peeped this video by Korean rap sensation, PSY? He is apparently the hottest thing on YouTube right now. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll wait for you to go take a looksie. It is High-larious! (Thanks to reader, Cyretha for the link.)

So, people, a Korean rapper who has already busted on to the American pop music scene with his funny horse dance, K-Pop aesthetic and random ‘sexy ladies,’ had me totally intrigued. I wanted to know if he was spoofing American rappers or if he was a serious rap artist in his native South Korea. Of course, I don’t speak Korean so it was hard to figure out. Thankfully, I am fluent in google and  found this excellent Washington Post piece that deconstructs PSY and his Gangnam Style. Check it out. Now that I know that Gangnam style is social criticism, I’m going to watch again. I’m kind of relieved that that toilet scene wasn’t just for show.

So, how long do you think PSY will be a hit here in the USA? Will he be a Korean one-hit wonder, or do you think he’ll figure out a way to stay relevant? Could he be the Korean Ricky Martin? Will Lady Gaga make him her muse? Can you imagine that video mash-up? I am having a hard time thinking of an international Asian pop sensation, much less a rapper, who has made an impression on the US music scene. Can you?

By the way, after watching this video with my kids, like five times in a row, I made Korean rice noodles, kimchi, and fried eggs for dinner. Totally not Gangnam style, but super yummy.



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4 Thoughts to ““Gangnam Style” Deconstructed”

  1. Cyretha

    PSY seems like another business deal for Sean Combs. I read that Pitbull’s family told him to forget about rapping and he has become an international star. Sean Combs gave his career a boost.

    1. Ms. Meltingpot

      Hmmm, a collaboration between Puffy and PSY? Oh, where the mind goes with that one. Let’s stay tuned.

  2. grant hardeway

    Totally outrageous, my kids are now hooked and dancing around the house. They’ve adopted his “style” quite rapidly. As for his longevity on the music scene, only time can tell, never the less its much more appealing than some of the trash made popular by youth demand.

    1. Ms. Meltingpot

      I feel you. My kids are doing the horse dance too. (sigh)

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