Meltingpot Mary and Her Little Lamb

Everybody knows Ms. Meltingpot loves books like a chunky boy loves cake. And of course, I want my kids to share my love for the written word. Babygirl seems to be on the right track, but like all babies in the under two set, reading books and eating books is much the same thing to my daughter. At this stage in her development, babygirl just loves to take a book, rip the pages out and stuff them in her little mouth.

So, dear readers, imagine Ms. Meltingpot’s joy and surprise to stumble upon these awesome books at my local indie bookstore. They’re called Indestructibles and claim to be “Non-toxic, teething proof, drool proof, 100% washable and they can’t be torn or crumpled.”

Indestructibles Baby Books

I was intrigued. But when I saw this title:

Mary Had a Little Lamb…In Africa!

I had to buy it for Babygirl. Yes, it’s Mary Had a Little Lamb and Mary happens to be a little, brown, African girl. *Score* Indestructible and ethnically diverse? I’ll take two! Actually, I only bought one and plan to give it to Babygirl as soon as she wakes up from her nap. If she can’t tear it to pieces, I’m going back for more. Did I mention the books are less than $5.00?

Today was a good day. Has anyone else heard of these Indestructibles? Has your baby been able to destroy them? Do you give your babies books to eat, read? Why or why not?

You know I’m listening.




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One Thought to “Meltingpot Mary and Her Little Lamb”

  1. Susan:)

    I’ve seen those books, but my nieces are out of the eating books phase, so we haven’t tried them. But they have had tons of books since they were born thanks to my great love of them! I taught preschool for years, and had amassed a huge collection of childrens books. Plus I can’t resist buying them new or used books every so often. I love finding good ethnically diverse books with nice illustrations. The girls are half Argentinian and Jewish, and I’m always on the lookout for pictures that look like them and also show diversity in general. And I just love a book with great pictures! They have had tons of board books that were chewed on and torn up in their baby stages, and they’re now able to read paper paged books and still keep them intact! They both love looking at books. My older niece, who is four, is now starting to tell the stories to herself from memory, which is fun to watch. I’ve read that the best ways to make your kids into readers is to let them see you reading a lot, and providing them with lots of books to read/ play with from a young age.

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