Mt. Airy, USA Tastes Like the Meltingpot

The Cool Kids Live Here

Last night in my little neighborhood of Mt. Airy, 30 food truck vendors descended on our main commercial corridor for a new annual event called The Night Market. I missed last year’s Night Market because I was busy having a baby, but last night, babygirl, the boys, el esposo and I hit the streets to sample the best food Philadelphia’s food trucks had to offer.

Can I just say, I never knew Korean tacos, were such a hit in Philly. I wanted to sample those short rib with kimchi tacos so badly, but the line was just too damn long. (Did I mention I had babygirl strapped to my back? )But I wasn’t mad. I quickly forgot about those tacos when I spied a truck offering handmade arepas stuffed with pork or black beans and cheese. And yes, they were gluten free. *score* Meanwhile, while I’m marveling at the fact that there was a food truck specializing in Native American cuisine and another vendor selling Vietnamese hoagies, do you know what got el esposo excited? The hot dogs. Yes, they were smothered in grilled onions and mushrooms and served on a hearty kaiser roll, but it was a hot dog! I guess to a Spaniard that is foreign food.

Anyway, dear readers, besides the awesome food served last night, my meltingpot heart was singing as I watched all of the beautiful people filling the streets. Black, White, brown  and everyone in between was represented in great numbers. Adults, children, teens and tweens. Seriously, I couldn’t believe just how diverse last night’s crowd was. And it just made me so happy that el esposo and I lucked out in choosing Mt. Airy as our home after Brooklyn. Sadly, the rest of Philadelphia doesn’t share Mt. Airy’s commitment to multiculturalism, but I’m hoping the meltingpot message of Mt. Airy will continue to spread. Believe it or not, Oprah okay, O. Magazine, was hip to Mt. Airy’s coolness, back in 2006.

What about you dear readers? Any of you already know about Mt. Airy? Do you know how it achieved its status as a truly integrated neighborhood? It’s an amazing story with hometown heroes, twin sisters and everyday people trying to do the right thing, when doing the right thing really wasn’t very popular. I know there are other neighborhoods like Mt. Airy. Do you live in one? I want to hear about it.

I’m listening.



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  1. Ms. Meltingpot

    It is indeed a ‘cool’ neighborhood. Thanks for reading all the links!

  2. Anazette

    Great post! I followed the links in the article and Mt. Airy really sounds like a cool neighborhood!

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