Hair Story 2.0: It’s Time for an Update

It’s Time for Hair Story2

You know there’s nothing I like more than a good hair story. When I sat down to write my master’s thesis in graduate school, almost 15 years ago, I was so excited to delve into the history and drama behind the relationship Black people had with their hair. Clearly my excitement was shared by many others, including my co-author Ayana Byrd and the thousands of people who have read our book and begged us for more information.

Well, it’s been ten years since Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America debuted and even we think it’s time for an update. Think of everything that’s happened in the world of Black hair in the last decade. Willow Smith and her whipped hair. Don Imus and his nappy naughtiness, the entire world of online Black hair bloggers. Hello afrobella! And let’s not forget the Sesame Street muppet who loves her hair.

We’ve written a proposal, we’ve done the research, we’ve planned the party even, but there’s one little problem. Our publisher, St. Martin’s Press hasn’t quite gotten the message that there’s a public waiting for Hair Story 2.0. Without going too much into publishing babble, the truth is, since the book came out so long ago, all of the publicists and editors originally attached to Hair Story no longer work with the company. So our little book that could is kind of an orphan over there. But just like that little red-headed orphan who charmed her very own Daddy Warbucks, we know we can prove to the head honchos at St. Martin’s that this book needs an update (and a digital version too!). Because after all, the sun will come out….

And that’s where you come in, dear readers. If you’d like to see an updated version of Hair Story, including a digital version of the book, then let your voice be heard. Like our Hair Story 2.0 facebook page. ( Here’s the link for the page.) Follow @HairStory2 on Twitter and by all means tweet to @StMartins and let them know you want to read this book already. And it never hurts to leave a comment on the Hair Story amazon page.

Thanks people, I appreciate it so very much.

Peace and Hair Grease!




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